Corporate Social Responsibility

Purpose of MIS

While being in pursuit of the Honourable Supreme Court’s Orders, dated 15 September 2014, KP Government, through KPOGCL, developed MIS displaying all the yearly and accumulative details of various funds, received and spent, on various projects, by each relevant district, on account of Production Bonus, Marine Research, Social Welfare Obligations and Royalty. Furthermore, along with other essential details/information, it as well, displays Guide Lines on Production Bonus, Social Welfare Obligations, Marine Research and Royalty. MIS is user friendly and accurate in a sense that it could provide results to an amalgamation of faculties. For e.g. if it is intended to trace the schemes carried out through Production Bonus in some particular Tehsil/Village in the year 2008 on account of some department like health, education etc it could do that with surgical precision and the same procedure stands good for other funds i.e. Royalty, Marine Research and Social Welfare Obligations. Though implemented and effective but it may be appreciated that MIS is in it’s embryonic stage of development coupled with the fact that the nature of the system warrants dynamism, therefore changes in it, from time to time, are bound to occur which may please be accepted.

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