Sedimentological Investigation including roundness, sphericity, micro-facies and facies analysis Association and Depositional Environment Studies etc.), Paleontological Investigation (Biostratigraphic Analysis and Formation Identification etc.) and Palynological Investigation (Palyno-stratigraphic Analysis and Formation Identification etc.) with the help of Reflected/Transmitted Microscope etc. The Sedimentology Laboratory will conducts integrated research in sedimentology, stratigraphy, basic research to better understand the processes controlling carbonate and clastic systems and reservoirs.

GeoChemistry Lab (Microprobe) GeoChemistry Lab Geochemistry Lab2

Research at the Sedimentology Laboratory has three main themes:


  1. Clastic and Carbonate Systems and Reservoir Characterization
  2. Geophysics and Petrophysics of Clastic and Carbonates
  3. Geochemistry and Diagenesis of Clastic and Carbonates