Objectives & Deliverables


The Technical Lab well equipped with laboratories provide comprehensive, cost-effective analytical services in petroleum geochemistry. Our professional staff have the expertise  in petroleum geochemistry and other geochemical studies and are considered specialists in their field. We provide a complete analytical service in organic geochemistry for petroleum exploration and production companies.

The Technical Lab combines high-level expertise with well-equipped sophisticated laboratory facilities to help upstream petroleum sector. Basin analysis and 1D Modeling Sedimentology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Petroleum Engineering, Biostratigraphy, Crude Oil Evaluation and Testing of Petroleum Products.

The main Objectives of Technical Lab are as follow :

  1.  To offer technical back up support to the Exploration and Production companies working in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and FR regions.
  2. The technical lab will  provide Interpretation , processing and Acquisition of  geological, geochemical and geophysical data.
  3. Technical lab  offer complete and comprehensive Geochemical service, which includes sample preparation, analysis, interpretation and Organic Petrography by measuring TOC (Total Organic Content).
  4. Technical lab provides analysis of  Source and reservoir rocks  to evaluate the Hydrocarbons quality and potential.


The Technical Lab will contribute significantly by synthesizing and interpreting the Field and Exploration & Production data. It will also re-evaluate abandoned prospects, preparation of technical maps compilation of evaluation reports of sedimentary basins of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by utilizing all types of available data and combining latest concepts and techniques, estimation of resources, advisory services to exploration companies and presentation of papers in seminars will lent new dimension to many proven and potential hydrocarbon bearing areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The primary focus of technical laboratory efforts is towards increasing experimental knowledge base for geophysical & geochemical properties of rocks and sediments that are either not well described by conventional rock-physics. The main focus of this technical sector is innovation and facilitation to E&P companies  to enhance the hydrocarbon exploration in our country.