Sedimentological Investigation including roundness, sphericity, micro-facies and facies analysis Association and Depositional Environment Studies etc.), Paleontological Investigation (Biostratigraphic Analysis and Formation Identification etc.) and Palynological Investigation (Palyno-stratigraphic Analysis and Formation Identification etc.) with the help of Reflected/Transmitted Microscope etc. The Sedimentology Laboratory will conducts integrated research in sedimentology, stratigraphy, basic research to better understand the processes controlling carbonate and clastic systems and reservoirs.

GeoChemistry Lab (Microprobe)GeoChemistry LabGeochemistry Lab2

Research at the Sedimentology Laboratory has three main themes:


  1. Clastic and Carbonate Systems and Reservoir Characterization
  2. Geophysics and Petrophysics of Clastic and Carbonates
  3. Geochemistry and Diagenesis of Clastic and Carbonates



To process and interpret Seismic 2D/3D Subsurface data (in order to find the sweet spot for Hydrocarbons.

  1. To carry out subsurface magnetic/Gravity survey by advance Magnetormeter Gravity meters.
  2. To carry out Interpretation of Seismic Study, seismic sections in order to interpret the subsurface Geology for Hydrocarbons Generation with Petrel, Geograhix
  3. Seismic Data Processing Center facility with advance Processing softwares i.e. Omega, ProMax.

The primary focus of technical laboratory efforts is towards increasing experimental knowledge base for geophysical & geochemical properties of rocks and sediments that are either not well described by conventional rock-physics. The focus of this research area is the development of innovative geophysical Software/hardware and methodologies for subsurface imaging.

Seismic Refraction Instrument