Survey Design & Modeling
A comprehensive range of services to address acquisition, data processing, seismic interpretation, and drilling challenges.
Seismic and geophysical services for enhanced reservoir characterization and monitoring throughout the life of the reservoir—from exploration through enhanced recovery.
Seismic Acquisition
The unsurpassed array and distribution of our resources is ready to meet any geophysical challenge.
Seismic for Unconventional Resources
Seismic data play an important role in micro seismic and stimulation modeling, seismic guided drilling to place the wellbore in the reservoir sweet spot, and borehole seismic interpretation.
Geophysics Software
Oil and gas software products to optimize operations in regional exploration through to reservoir development and production optimization.

Geological Services
Subsurface Mapping
Basin analysis
Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy
Petrophysical and well site Geology and Geological Field Work/studies
Other Services
Drilling Exploratory Well
Drilling Appraisal Well
Drilling Developmental Well
Work over (the company would require to procure a workover rig)
Wells Services
Down Hole Services
Magnetic and Gravity Survey
Ancillary Services, such as camp supply, camp management, logistics, diesel engine supply/operation/maintenance, catering, security, human resource supply etc.