KPOGCL, a Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Holding Company established in 2013 is focused on making KP self sufficient by discovering indigenous resources of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. With his vision to discover natural resources of KP, CEO KPOGCL Mr. M. Raziuddin (Razi) took initiative for drilling projects and signed DOA agreement with OGDCL in Baratai Block. Seismic Data was acquired, processed and interpreted by the mutual working of KPOGCL & OGDCL teams. Well Location, plans and financial sheets were designed and agreed upon by both of the partners. After several technical meetings, workshops and seismic reinterpretation, drilling was commenced on 24th May, 2017 with the target depth of 5000 meters. The well was named as Dhok Hussain – 01 (DH-01). KPOGCL had reservations with the decided time frame of DH-01 well as OGDCL prognosed 290 days for drilling and 90 days for testing, whereas KPOGCL prognosis were 180 days for drilling and 60 days for testing. The well is drilled upto 5014 meters in 199 days almost as KPOGCL prognosed. During drilling operations several complications were encountered such as Tight Spots, Stuck Pipes, Shale Cavings, Mud and Cement losses etc. but KPOGCL and OGDCL faced and solved all the problems as a one team by conducting regular meetings and technical workshops. Due to reinterpretation of data, drilling plan was redesigned upto 5600 meters to encounter possible target formations, but due to some technical complications drilling was stopped at 5014 meters depth. At certain depth, well was deviated up to 157 meters (Northeast) from its vertical well profile. OGDCL revised the well plan on recommendation of KPOGCL and OGDCL’s drilling team successfully brought the well back to its original trajectory, hence DH-01 well was drilled successfully with the hydrocarbons discovery. Drill Stem Tests are in progress in targeted formations at around 5000 meters depth. Official announcements are published in print media on 05th January, 2018 and by the grace of Almighty ALLAH, KPOGCL a young company, due to the commitment and dedication of its experienced employees did what many companies couldn’t in their initial E&P projects.